Do you rent out space for events?

We love sharing our space with the community however, we do not close our establishment for private functions. All events must be held outside our usual business hours. For all inquiries regarding space rental, please email


Do you take reservations?


Unfortunately we do not. We have a very small capacity in our establishment. We want to be fair to everyone who visit so we operate on a first come first serve basis. If you have a large group, with a little patience, we'll do our best to help get everyone seated.

Do you offer free wifi?

Yes, wifi is free for all our customers. However, please take into consideration, we are located in an older building and do not have access to updated fiber optic cables resulting in slower than average internet connection. 

Why do you use disposable items?

When we first opened in 2015, our vision was to serve an extensive selection of cold pressed juices and superfood smoothies, hence the name, The Cold Pressery. As a result, our facility was not built to accommodate the electrical, plumbing and appliances required to utilize washable dish ware. We hope to improve our facility in the near future but in the meantime, we have been actively replacing our disposable items with biodegradable products.



Is everything vegan?


Yes! Everything served in our facility is 100% vegan. Items sourced from local suppliers and special items made in collaboration with other small businesses are also 100% vegan.

Do you offer gluten-free items?

We do offer a few gluten-free items but not everything on our menu is gluten-free. However, most items can be altered to accommodate a gluten-free diet. For example, our regular bread can be substituted with a gluten-free whole wheat bread and our regular tortillas can be substituted with a gluten-free cactus corn tortilla. Just make sure to advise the server when ordering and/or make the correct selection if ordering online.



Do you offer juice cleanses?

Although we originally opened as a cold pressed juice bar, we decided to outsource our juicing to a local company in order to focus on expanding our food menu. We no longer offer customized juices and cleanses as there were very little demand for it. We currently offer a selection of cold pressed juices from Refuel Juicery.

Do you offer delivery?
Our delivery services are currently offered through Skip The Dishes and UberEATS. We hope to expand our delivery radius with online ordering through our website by this summer!



Are you hiring?

We're always on the hunt for energetic, reliable individuals with a great attitude to join our team. If this describes you, send a copy of your resume to customerservice@thecoldpressery.com explaining your experience and why you'd be a great addition to our team.